What if You’re Called to Testify in Court?

- An attorney can draft the document, and copies can stay in a desk drawer or on a computer until they’re needed. Then when called on to testify, the document would be ready to go. Working RE recommends that inspectors have an Expert Witness Contract drawn up. Because an attorney would only call an inspector to help prove a case, most of them understand that inspectors require payment for time and expertise. ..More

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Pricing Home Inspections: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

- According to Stone, who goes by The House Detective, many inspectors keep their rates low and try to make up the difference with a packed schedule. . Instead of two inspections in a day, maybe you’ll try to take on three or more. But if you’re not comfortable with that pace, something bad is likely to happen ..More

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3 Ways You Can Help Customers Understand a Home Inspection

- Home inspection clients need to know that an inspection report will likely reveal at least a few defects. . Real Simple lists several flaws, such as nasty carpet and outdated appliances, that turn buyers off when maybe they shouldn’t. Even a brand new house where the paint is barely dry will almost invariably have a problem or two, and that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the investment ..More

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Just How Much Could a Home Inspection Save?

- Here are a few of the most costly home defects that an inspection can identify. . If the buyer heeds your word, you could help give her the foundation to negotiate a better sale price, arrange for repairs and avoid a major problem later, or walk away to find a better house with fewer lurking problems ..More

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Home Inspecting is a Great Retirement Career

- With Americans living longer and longer lives, two significant problems can creep up. Home inspecting could be the answer. . You might need more money than you have saved so far, and home inspecting can help improve your bottom line. Because many people are also healthier than in generations past, sitting around twiddling your thumbs in a rocking chair might not seem like much fun at all ..More

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